The World Champion in Nordic Walking invites to Krynica-Zdroj

Opublikowane w Fri, 25/03/2011 - 12:39

We invite all the enthusiasts of Nordic Walking to the route of Parkowa Mountain Run. Within the scope of it, we have prepared a separate classification for the lovers of pole walking.The persons exercising Nordic Walking use during this activity the majority of their body muscles. They work completely differently than during an ordinary walk. They are more strengthened, especially shoulders, which become stronger and more resilient. After intense exercises during such walks, we are able to ascend hills more easily and what is most important Nordic Walking allows burning more calories than during walking.

Nordic Walking can be exercises really at any age and the picturesque hills of Zdrojowy Park in Krynica are perfect for this activity. You are cordially invited to the Running Festival and Nordic Walking to Parkowa Mountain. ? said Tomasz Brzeski, the world champion in Nordic Walking.

Details related to the race: 
?    Distance 1300 m. 
?    Start: Krynica-Zdroj Promenade, 565 m above the sea level. 
?    Finish line: Gora Parkowa - 741 m above the sea level, 
?    Time limit: 1h.

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