Women run

There were plenty of Women Run participants at the Promenade in Krynica just before 11 am on Saturday, 7th of September. Participants had to run 1 km in 20 minutes time. The competition was open to every woman of all age. For some of  the participants it was a significantchallenge, but you could march or stroll along the distance. Every woman got a medal at the finish line.

‘It’s been a first medal in my life and I’m very happy of it. I was afraid that I can’t make it. It’s not my usual habit to run and I’m a little bit chubby. I don’t even like running. I decided to start just to prove myself. My husband runs longer distances and I thought that I might run a shorter one. I successfully finished my run.’, said Agnieszka from Radom.

‘As far as my capability is concerned it was a very good run. Yesterday, we run Krynica Mile, and today we are planning Fast Three and Lifetime Ten. This particular kilometer was a warm-up . I don’t even know what was my time. I’m satisfied with pure fact that I took part in it.’, told Teresa.

For Patrycja, Women Run was more difficult than she’d thought: ‘Unfortunately I had some accident. Somebody pushed me at the start and I fell. I run with an injured knee, but I completed the distance. I lost valuable seconds at the start but I didn’t give up’, said Patrycja.

Women liked the idea of running such a short distance. For some it was a motivation to think of regular training.

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