The winners of the 1st Mountain World Championship in Nordic Walking


In the distance of 8km, the first in the finish line wasTomasz Brzeski with the time 0:49:13. The second finalist was Robert Zostawa with the time 0:52:14. The third place was won by Leszek Rembiasz with the time 0:53:17. In the distance of 4km, the winner was Edward Mucha with the time 0:23:45. Next runners arriving to the finish line were Michał Rosiński with the time 0:23:46 andJarosław Szostakowski with the time 23:54. CONGRATULATIONS!

Subsequent positions in the distance of 8 km were occupied by:

4. Krzysztof Duda, time: 0:53:52
5. Marian Skrzypiński, time: 0:53:58
6. Jarosław Reclik, time: 0:54:04
7. Dominik Jazic, time: 0:54:52
8. Krzysztof Świerc, time: 0:57:21
9. Mariusz Masiarek, time: 0:58:27
10. Wit Anigacz, time: 1:00:11
Subsequent position in the distance of 4 km were occupied by:
4. Piotr Pakosz, time: 0:24:32
5. Mateusz Wojnar, time: 0:24:40
6. Maciej Cieciuch, time: 0:24:54
7. Irena Pakosz, time: 0:25:06
8. Leszek Mielcarek, time: 0:25:35
9. Piotr Faron, time: 0:26:55
10. Tomasz Wyciszkiewicz, time: 0:27:31

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