Take your man, kids, friends and come over to run with us in September in Krynica Zdrój!

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You’ll meet a lot of people like yourself. Among all big running events in Poland, the Running Festival of the Economic Forum is an event bringing together the largest percentage of women. We offer competitions dedicated exclusively to the fair sex. Nowhere else in Poland whole families run together as numerously as in Krynica.

In 2013, women accounted for 30% of the total number of 6,000 participants of the Running Festival. The most popular run among women participating at the Running Festival, obviously apart from the Women's Run, was Tauron's Lifetime Ten. Last year, there were 579 women (32% of all participants) to run from Krynica to Muszyna. A similar number of female participants took part in one- and three-kilometer runs.

About 7% of women decided to participate in the Festival’s longest and the most difficult - a 100-kilometer 7 Valleys Run. 157 female runners from various age categories took part in Women's Run at a 1-kilometer distance. For some of them it was their only run in the year, but they were always finishing smiling.

Attendance figures of the 5th Running Festival suggest that this year we can expect a similar number of female participants. Aleksandra Gryciuk, member of  the Festival's staff, is not astonished: “The high turnout of women in our event should not surprise anyone, because the Festival is an event fostering recreation of women and families. From my personal experience, I know that nothing motivates us, women, as much as the view of our kids and partners running,” she adds.

She encourages all women to run. On their own or with their families. “You can choose out of 20 races from a few dozens of meters to 100 kilometers. At the Promenade races, you will run with your kids, with your entire family. At the Women's run, you will run with your female friends,” Gryciuk argues.

But the Festival also worth attending for other reasons too, she says. “Krynica-Zdroj is one of the most famous Polish resorts. You may wish to take a stroll along beautiful Dietl Boulevards, visit the pump room and the Museum of Nikifor, one of the most famous Polish primitives painters who lived and worked here.

The 5th Running Festival of the Economic Forum will be held on September 5-7. The registration form is available at our website.

We recommend participation and welcome ladies and whole families to Krynica Zdrój! 

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