The Running Festival in your mobile phone ? compete in the Krynica?s marathon already today!

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On the Internet you can find a free mobile phone application, which will let you feel the spirit of sports competition already today. The main goal of RunCalc, as the software is called, is to help runners in preparation to and start in competitions, but also to give them the pleasure of virtual racing against the best long-distance runners in the world. The application is available at the address

The list of functions of the application is as long as the routes of the runs and includes more than ten calculators, unit converter, 7-language dictionary and advanced stopwatch, among other things. Data from the phone can be recorded in the history of measurements, sent to the website or to friends as an SMS. Except of the above, the application can calculate the speed that you should follow to reach the planned time, and even estimate your finish line position when you run at a specified speed!


Additional attraction is an extensive game, which besides the best players includes also known world routes, including the Running Festival?s Koral Marathon, which will be organized on 11 September in Krynica Zdroj. The players already now have the possibility to simulate the race, analyzing its route and elevations. As long as the real competition is concerned, the application will be helpful in planning the speed and lap times in the subsequent kilometres. You can also allow your friends, sitting in front of the screen, to track your progress on-line.

?RunCalc helps in preparation and participation in the running events for competitors from all over the world. I think that the coming Running Festival gives a good chance to test the application individually. One can simulate the run along the marathon?s route and plan and verify the target results in the competitions of the Running Festival." ? recapped Robert Celinski, the author of the software and the ambassador of the Running Festival. Let?s remind that runners can register on the website, and the event is scheduled to take place on 9-11 September in Krynica-Zdroj. 

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