Running Festival of the Economic Forum considered the most interesting running event in Poland!

Opublikowane w Thu, 26/01/2012 - 10:20

Running Festival of the Economic Forum has been recognized by the portal as the last year's most interesting running event. Thus it was awarded the FILIPIDES 2011 in the category of  "Most Interesting Formula." This is the third award the festival has received in its short history. Its first edition in 2010 was recognized as "The Organizing Debut of the Year" and the festival's founder Zygmunt Berdychowski was granted the award of FILIPIDES in the category of "Best Running Promoter 2010."

The largest portal for runners in Poland grants the FILIPIDES awards annually in various categories to persons for their particular contribution to the development and promotion of running initiatives in a given year or over the years. Receiving the award is confirmed by the certificate.

- I am very happy, because it confirms that our event is meaningful and we hit the bull's eye - said Zygmunt Berdychowski, Running Festival founder and Chairman of the Economic Forum Programme Council. - But I do not want to stop at what we already have achieved. Our goal is to permanently develop the Running Festival. From this year, anyone who wants to join us will receive a "Charter of the runner." This will enable him or her to benefit from discounts in Małopolska region eg. in rehabilitation services, at the doctor's, in hotels, sports shops, etc.

A special website dedicated only to running and the Festival will be launched. Our offer is dedicated to people who still do not know they can find the best conditions for running in Krynica. We want people to come to the Krynica resort to jog during any season of the year. It's the lovers of active life and movement for whom we have set 10 new routes and there are more to come soon.

There will be several novelties introduced to the 2012 Running Festival - first of all it starts on Friday at 19.00 with the launch of "Stock Market Mile" race. Also, the Festival of Marathon Relay, i.e. run of 4 member teams along the route of the Coral Marathon covering a distance of 10 + 10 + 10 + 12,195 km, will be held for the first time in Krynica.

Mountain running fans will be able to try their hand at routes on Jaworzyna Mountain, where Championships in Mountain Anglo-Saxon Running will take place in 2013. What is more, the number of runs included in the league of Running Festival, has been extended. We are planning to organize the 3rd edition of the "Fastest Family in Poland" and the "Fastest Company in Poland" competitions and also two concerts - on Friday and Saturday evenings. Therefore everybody will be able to experience sports emotions, great entertainment and - what is especially crucial for families of the runners - a good rest in the beautiful Beskid Sadecki.

So far nearly 1,400 runners have already signed up for the Festival. We would like to  remind you that the Running Festival's prize this year is 350 000 PLN and the main prize is a car that will be drawn among all who complete the Coral Marathon. Winners in women and men general classification of Coral Marathon will receive 6 000 PLN. The prizes for taking the top spots in women and men general classification  of the "Lifetime Ten" run from Krynica-Zdrój to Muszyna are 3000 PLN, for 2nd place 2000 PLN and 1000 PLN for 3rd place. This year the Fastest Family in Poland will win 5000 PLN.

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