Running can be a way of life

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- Sport is a great idea for life ? said Irena Szewińska during a meeting with fans at the 2nd Running Festival. ? It is an excellent conception. It is enough to see how many people participate in the Festival. Running can be a way of life, this is what it was for me. ? said the Polish multimedalist. 


Fans asked about differences in running short and long distances.  - In each case there is hard training, if you want to achieve success ? said the athlete. ? The difference lies elsewhere. In short distances 99% is stress and 1% joy. In longer distances the proportion is more or less fifty-fifty. I have never run such long distances. Today I try of course to move, but I run in a near-by forest. I admire marathon runners, it is an extremely exhausting track. It is definitely worth to move and running is easy. 

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