Results of TAURON's Lifetime Ten

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Ryszard Kłeczek with the time 28 minutes 43 seconds won the race " TAURON Lifetime Ten" from Krynica-Zdroj to Muszyna. The second in the finish line was Muia Martin Mukule from Kenya with the result 0:28:48, and the third was Jakub Burghardt, who covered the distance of the race in the time 0:28:48. The fastest woman was Kamila Pobłocka from Lębork with the time 0:36:28. Congratulations! The exceptional character of the race consisted in that its entire route descended from Krynica-Zdroj to Muszyna.

"Tauron Lifetime Ten" is an untypical race. Its competitors started in front of the Old Spa House in Krynica-Zdroj, which is located at the height of 558 m above the sea level and finished in the market square in Muszyna, which is situated at the height of 430 m above the sea level.


Final results:
1. Ryszard Kłeczek (Gogolin) 0:28:43
2. Muia Martin Mukule (Kenya) 0:28:48
3. Jakub Burghardt (Muszyna Institue for Eastern Studies) 0:28:49
4. Bogdan Semenowicz (Finisz Kalisz) 0:29:16
5. Oleksandr Borysiuk (Kovel) 0:30:34
6. Tibor Sahajda (Bardejov) 0:30:56
1. Kamila Pobłocka (Lębork) 0:36:28
2. Wioletta Uryga (Kluczbork) 0:36:42
3. Izabela Zatorska (Wrocanka) 0:36:55
4. Angelika Stanek (Sosnowiec) 0:37:21
5. Magdalena Jarzębowska (Wilkowice) 0:37:35
6. Katarzyna Kwoka (Bratkowice) 0:37:46

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