Nearly 300 runners will compete in 7 valleys.

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Half a year before the beginning of the Running Festival, the number of runners, who applied to the ultramarathon in the distance of 100 km, it is the ? 7 Valleys Run", reached nearly 300 persons. The runners will set out on September 10 at 3.00 from the Promenade in Krynica-Zdroj. Last year the first winner of this run was Adam Długosz, who reached the result of 11:17:55. In spite many new applications arriving every day, we are forced to close the start line.

All applicants, who have not paid yet the start fee, are asked to do it by the deadline of 2 weeks, i.e. until 4 April 2011. Inquiries should be sent to the

The ultramarathon run of the Running Festival will be this year in the same time an important qualification to the most famous in the world ultramarathon Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc! By reaching the finish line in Krynica Zdroj one can gain the same time 3 qualification points to UTMB. Let us remind that the Seven Valleys Run with the length of 100 km was routed through the most picturesque, but in the same time the most difficult routes in Beskid Sadecki Mountains. The height amplitude exceeded 900 m: from ca. 350 m above the sea level in Rytro to 1262 m above the sea level on the top of Radziejowa Mountains. The total climb reached approximately 4500 m. Therefore it is the most difficult linear race (not orienteering) in Poland in terms of the shape of its route.

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