The League of the Running Festival is getting ready

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Already in two weeks the League of the Running Festival will begin its races.  The first run within the scope of the league will be the Warsaw?s Mountain Run, which will be organized on Saturday, 2 April in Falenica near Warsaw. In total the League includes 10 races, and the entire pool of prizes amounts to 50 000 zlotys. The final race of the league will be the ?Lifetime Ten", which will take place on 10 September in Krynica-Zdroj during the II Running Festival.

Within the scope of the League, runners from all over Poland will compete in three classifications: ?Point score", ?The most active runner" and the ?Most Effective Runner".  The winners of individual classifications of women and men will win 3000 zlotys, the competitors arriving at the second position will receive 2000 zlotys, and the runners classified in the third place will receive 1000 zlotys each. Moreover, in every run belonging to the League, its organizer funds prizes with the value of 1000 zlotys. The total pool of prizes amounts thus to 50000 zlotys!!! The competitors taking part in the League must be of age and participation is entirely free of charge. In the league we can classify runners, who participate in at least 3 runs ? including the compulsory participation in the Finals of the League in Krynica-Zdroj (Lifetime Ten) or any other run of the Festival (except of the Promenade Runs). Only the result from the race Lifetime Ten can be declared valid for the final classifications. Completion of another race of the Running Festival indicates only satisfaction of the condition necessary to classify the runner.

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