From Koral Marathon to Athens!

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Compete in the Running Festival and win a trip to the marathon in Athens. Everyone, who registers for the Running Festival?s Koral Marathon and Lifetime Ten races, has a chance to win a trip to a classical marathon in Athens and cover the historical route with finish line in the legendary Panathinaiko Stadium. There are three trips available for the winners. Within the scope of the prize, we provide air travel, a starting packet and 100 Euros of ?pocket money? for accommodation and catering. The prizes will be drawn on Mondays 13, 20, 27 June, and their results will be published on our website at 12.00.



In order to qualify for the promotion, you need to book your participation in the Running Festival between 8 and 26 June. A necessary condition to receive the prize is to participate in and complete the Koral Marathon or the Lifetime Ten run. Prizes will be handed in during the award gala on 11 September at 16.00 on the main stage of Krynica?s promenade.

Until 1 June, already more than 2000 runners confirmed their participation in the Festival. It means that 3 months before the start of this great running event, we recorded twice as many competitors as compared with last year! 

Besides the trip to the marathon in Athens, new competitors can win also TIMEX Ironman Sleek 150-Lap watches with Tap Screen technology. Prizes include also complete sport suits? T-shirts and shorts ? made by SAUCONY. The prize pool in the entire Festival is 250 thousands zlotys, and the main prize is a passenger car.

What?s more, on the Internet you can find an application for mobile phones, which allows you to feel the spirit of sports competition already now. The main task of RunCalc, as the software is called, is to help runners in preparation to the races and participation in them, but it also gives the pleasure of virtual competition with the best long-distance runners in the world. The application is available at the following address: Additional attraction is an extensive game, which, besides the best players, includes also known world routes, including the Running Festival?s Koral Marathon, which will be organized on 11 September in Krynica Zdroj. The players already now have the possibility to simulate the race, analyzing its route and elevations. As long as the real competition is concerned, the application will be helpful in planning the speed and lap times in the subsequent kilometres. You can also allow your friends, sitting in front of the screen, to track your progress on-line.

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