Iron Run For Women

Opublikowane w Mon, 18/03/2013 - 08:46

Our new running competition IRON RUN met with lively interest among the runners. Everyday, we receive many inquiries from runners, who would like to join the group of the toughest and take part in exciting competition organized in stages, where beginning from the second race, all subsequent ones will have the form of sprint – runners will begin with  time advantage gained in previous competitions. Unfortunately, our proposition has not met with a satisfactory response from running women. After a number of consultations with runners, we came to a conclusion that five races within three days on extremely selective routes of Beskid Sadecki are too demanding even for the strongest female runners. That is why we would like to invite ambitious female runners to IRON RUN in „light” form, it is “IRON RUN FOR WOMEN”.

A new form only for women including 3 races

Friday, 6 September – Krynica’s Mile and Night Run
Saturday, 7 September – Lifetime Ten
3 cash prizes are anticipated for the best three ladies:
1 place: purse - 3.000 zł.
2 place: purse - 2.000 zł.
3 place: purse - 1.000 zł.
The start fee is only 30 zł.

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