Iron Run 2014: The new limits, time bonuses

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The second edition of the Iron Run competition will be made up of eight races. Like in the first edition, time limits will be applied in each race. As a novelty we will introduce time bonuses.

Details below:

Iron Run 2014

Friday – 5th September

Krynica’s Mile – mass start, hours. 15:00, time limit 7 '
15km Run – pursuit, hours. 17:05, time limit 1h40 '
5km Night Run– start with intervals, hours. 22:05, limit 30 '

Saturday – 6th  September

Mountain Run at 36km with the finish in Rytro – mass start, hours. 3:20 5h limit
TAURON: Life’s Best Ten - start with intervals, hours. 12:05, limit 55
Minimaraton 4,219.5 m – start with intervals, hours. 18:05, limit 25'

Sunday - September 7

Koral Marathon - interval start 8:45, limit 4h30
Jaworzyna Run - start with a handicap for the runners with up to five minutes behind the winner, the others interval start hours 14:00 /no time limit/

The one position forward move in the classification in the interval start races and Jaworzyna Run will give the player a 2-second time bonus (example: the 50th runner getting the 40th time- receives 20 seconds time bonus).

Iron Run participants will not be classified in the individual races. The exceptions are the players who do not fit in the time limit. Such persons shall be classified in the competition in line with general rules. Only adults are eligible for Iron Run 2014 participation.

You can register to the competition via the registration form available on The entry fee is 140 PLN by December 31st 2013 + the registration fee of 10 PLN. Since January 1st 2014 the entry fee is 190 PLN.

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