Here comes the Running Festival Iron Runner

The Iron Run event was the novelty of this-year-edition of the Running Festival in Krynica. The participants of the event took part in five races within three days. The first one to take place was the so-called Krynica Mile. 101 runners took part in it. The order in which they had came to the Krynica Mile finish line determinated the order with which they would start in the next race.

Before the Koral Marathon, which was the last competition, the result table was as follows: Eduard Hapak (the first to cross the finish line), Mike Cheruiyot (the second to cross the finish line, with a loss of 00:00:04), Andrzej Lachowski (the third to cross the finish line, with a loss of 00:00:08) and Mark Munguti (the forth to cross the finish line).

Marc Macau Munguti turned out to be the winner of the whole series. He had managed to make up for lost time and to ahead three players at the table just in a single run.

- Yesterday evening I was the forth in the ranking. Today's race was very tough. This is definitely the toughest competition in the whole Iron Run event. I believe I had probably a one-minute loss compared to the fastest runner. I just tried to minimize that loss and to keep a good and stable pace. I feel wonderful because I'm the winner. I like Krynica. I like the local climate which is here - said the winner.

Mike Kenyan Cheruiyot from Kenya was the second one to cross the finish line. The Ukrainian was eventually the third one to do so.

- The Kenyan representative imposed a strong pace and I did not manage to win with him. If the run had been a little bit slower, I would have had a better chance to win. Unfortunately, my legs started getting weak at the 32nd km of the run. But still, it's the Iron Run itself: 5 races done in just two days. The marathon is not my crown distance. The 10-km-distance and the half-marathon are those ones which I find to be my strongest points, so I am quite satisfied with the third place I had in the Iron Run.



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