The Fastest Family in Poland 2011

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Classification for the ?Fastest Family in Poland? during 2011 Running Festival was won by the Pobłocki family (8 pts.) Below the list of the Top 10 of the competition:

1. Pobłoccy (Katarzyna, Kaja, Kamila, Bożena and Piotr) - 8 pts.

2. Połeć I (Jerzy, Adrian, Arkadiusz) - 18 pts.

3. Kotki Team (Karolina, Piotr, Bartosz, Michał) - 25 pts

4. Pokrzywińscy (Danuta, Beata, Zbigniew and Krzysztof) - 30 pts

5.  Muzyka (Barbara, Maria and Maurycy) - 37 pts

6. Gałuszka (Halina, Mariusz and Dawid) - 53 pts

7. Basta (Iwona, Grażyna, Mirosław) - 55 pts

8. Połeć Team (Irena, Sebastian, Damian, Mirosław) - 70 pts

9. Machlowscy (Grażyna, Beata, Łukasz and Ryszard) - 76 pts

10. Krzemyki (Katarzyna, Basia, Karolina, Ania, Emilka, Ala and Rafał) - 86 pts

11. Tofilscy (Monika, Anna, Adam, Tomasz) - 93 pts

Interpretation of the rules of the competition ?Fastest Family in Poland? held during 2nd Running Festival in Krynica-Zdrój on September 10-11 2011 

 Rules for participants available on the website state that: 

1. Classifiable are results (taken places) of 3 best family members from 3 different races (point V c)

This means: for the final classification included are results of three different individuals from 3 different races.

In addition

2. Family team consists of at least 3 people appointed for 3 different races (Pts III a)

3. To categorize a family team, at least one of its members must finish Koral Maraton and at least one member must finish Krynica-Muszyna race (Pts. III b i c)

So both races are counted to the final classification.

4.  To the final classification at most one race from the promenade runs for children is counted (Pkt. III d)

5. Participating in kids? races is not obligatory, but then 3rd team member must run in the Jaworzyna Race or Women Run. 

6. In each race the team may present unrestricted number of runners, although only one, best result is counted. (Pkt. III e)

7. In family classification the order is decided by the sum of points gained individually by each member of the family is each run. The winners are the family with the lowest score. (Pts. V a and b)


As it derives from the rules - Pkt Vc -  we must count in results of three members of the family, not two ? which may contradict to pts III b i c ? as it is not clearly written that the participant in the Koral Marathon cannot take part in the Krynica-Muszyna run. However, considering the competition aim to indicate the fastest family, we decide, that the superior rule ? moreover, it is clearly stated ? is the rule of three different results achieved by three different participants (Pkt. V c).  In his case, if in the given team only one and the same person ran Koral Maraton and Krynica-Muszyna Race ? we count in their one best result and the others are taken from other runs (but just one from children races) ? so that final classification includes results of three participants from three different runs to allow the classification. Then by counting the result we always choose the best option for the team, so that hale the lowest score possible.  We always count in the result from marathon and Krynica-Muszyna Race (apart from the situation described above) and the best result of the 3rd member of the team from Promenade runs for children, women or Jaworzyna Race. 

Moreover, runners with the same result obtain the same number of points. In the result chart they appear on following places ? in alphabetical order, as the system does not accept identical scores.  

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