Attractive cash and material prizes for the best six families!

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Families participating in the Running Festival can participate in the competition "The fastest family in Poland". The competition has the purpose of selecting the most active family in Poland in the field of running. Families will compete within the scope of running events of the Running Festival of the Economic Forum.

Families can be represented by minimum three persons designated by the family captain to three different runs. The team can be composed of: married couples with children, grand children, parents and siblings or direct relatives (e.g. grandfather, father, child, grandparent, grandmother, mother, daughter, grandchild, and their siblings). Family representation can be classified if at least one family member completes Coral Marathon. Family representation can be classified if at least one of its members completes Krynica-Muszyna Run.


Only one, the best result of Krynica Promenade Run for children can qualify for the final classification. It is not compulsory for any member of the family to participate in the promenade runs for children, but at that time the team captain can select one (third member) for Jaworzyna Run or Krynica Promenade Run for Women. Any number of members of the team can participate in each competition, but only one, the best result from the above mentioned runs will be considered in the final classification.


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