Andrzej Długosz won the Jaworzyna Race

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Andrzej Długosz from Rytro turned out to be  the fastest runner in the run to the Jaworzyna Krynicka top. His time was16:21. Runner-up was Daniel Wosik (0:17:11) from Kunów, third place was taken by Paweł Krawczyk (0:18:08) from Cracow. The best among women was Izabela Zatorska from Wrocanka, who with result of 0:20:39 finished as 9th in general classification. 


Jaworzyna Race is exceptionally hard ? the track leads on ski downhill route all the way up. The competitors start at the lower station of the funicular rail and have 556 m of superiority to run on a distance of 2600 m. It takes 7 minutes to cover this distance with the funicular rail.



Track profile:

Start - 558 m above sea level                                                 Finish - 1114 m above sea level

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