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In response to a great number of e-mails and telephones related to the possibility of participation in the ultramarathon of the Running Festival, additional enrollment for the 7 Valleys Run will begin w on Monday, 25 July, at 12.00.  It is the last chance to register for this run.

Within the scope of the Running Festival of the Economic Forum, runners will compete in one of the most difficult ultramarathon races in Europe. The ultramarathon in Krynica includes 100 km along the most picturesque, but in the same time the most demanding routes in Beskid Sadecki. Elevation of the route: +4400 m/-4400 m!

The start and finish lines of the race are situated on the promenade in Krynica.  Next ultramarathon runners will run along the following route: Czarny Potok-Jaworzyna Krynicka Mountain-Runek-Labowska Alp -Cyrla-Rytro- Przehyba-Zlomisty Wierch-Radziejowa Mountain-Wielki Rogacz-Obidza-Eliaszowka-Piwniczna Zdroj-Łomnica Zdroj-Wierchomla-Runek-Losie-Drabiakowka- Krzyzowa Pass.

This year, the ultramarathon race of the Running Festival will be in the same time elimination for the most famous ultramarathon in the world Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. By reaching the finish line in Krynica Zdroj, the competitors in the same time can gain 3 qualification points to UTMB.

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