Adam Długosz first in the Run of 7 Valleys

The winner of the Run of 7 Valleys ?ultramarathon organized during the Running Festival of the Economic Forum in Krynica?Zdroj was Adam Długosz from Visegrád Maraton Rytro, who crossed the one hundred kilometres route during 11 hours 17 minutes and 55 seconds. The second on the finish line was Krzysztof Lisak from Radom with the time 11 hours 24 minutes and 13 seconds, the third place was taken by Jan Michałowski from Krakow, who covered the route in 11 hours 24 minutes and 32 seconds.

The winner of the run, Adam Długosz, asked by the portal Są about difficulties on the route, said: - I think it was on the 30-35 kilometre. Suddenly, I started to feel that my legs weakened. I ran apparently, but it was not the same. I thought that I would not be able to continue. Yet, I decided to fight against my weakness. Only after half the distance did I start to feel relief and my run began to be perfect. It was like this until the finish line. The crisis appeared because together with Janek Janicki we started to run too fast and we were close to pay for this mistake. I won after all and this is fantastic!

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