7 Valleys 100k Run

2. Polish Championships in Mountain Ultramarathon.

Also the elimitation to the world’s most famous ultramarathon – Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®. Reaching a finish line in Krynica Zdrój you gain 3 qualifying points to UTMB.

When: Saturday 6th Septmeber, start at 3 am, Gate 1

Distance: 100k

Challanging route in Beskid Sądecki region, with mountain climbs and drops. Extra checkpoints will not be indicated on map, still they have to be passed. Avoiding such points will result an automatic disqualification.

Time limit: 17 hours

Split times limits:

  • 36 km – 5h30'
  • 66 km – 11h30'
  • 77 km – 13h
  • 88 km – 15h

Time limits on checkpoints:

  • Rytro (36 km): 5h 30’
  • Piwniczna (66 km): 11h 30’
  • Wierchomla (77 km): 13h
  • Bacówka nad Wierchomlą (88 km): 15h

Briefing for all participants and participants of accompanying races (64k ultramarathon and 34k mountain run) will be held on Friday, 11th September. Attendance required. Competitors drop bags must be delivered on the meeting.

Course video:

Stage I: Krynica-Zdroj - Rytro:

Stage II: Rytro - Piwniczna-Zdroj:

Stage III: Piwniczna-Zdroj - Krynica-Zdrój